Fake Hate: Subway Passenger Lied about Gay Attack — Was Actually the Aggressor

A subway passenger who claimed to have been attacked by two men screaming gay slurs was lying.

Police now say the gay man was the aggressor who was spitting on passengers. The two men who approached him were trying to calm the man down.

The New York Post reported:


A Manhattan straphanger who claimed to have been attacked by two men yelling gay slurs was actually the one doing the attacking, according to police.

Cops say the 25-year-old, who has not been identified, set upon the two men at the Chambers St. station in Tribeca while on an uptown A train.

They had gotten into a verbal altercation before things got physical, the young man originally alleged.

Police interviewed multiple people, however, who witnessed the incident and said the straphanger was the aggressor. Video obtained by police allegedly shows him spitting at subway riders when the suspects-turned-victims step in and try to stop him.

Cops believe the man was drunk and that no gay slurs were ever made.

Police say the man will not be charged with filing a false report.

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