CRINGE CONTENT: Alec Baldwin Returns as President Trump in Musical Number on SNL Season Finale

Alec Baldwin once again portrayed President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live’s season finale, singing a parody version of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Vice President Mike Pence, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, First Lady Melania Trump, Kanye West, Robert Mueller, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Justice Clarence Thomas were also portrayed in the skit.

The musical number kicked off with Baldwin’s Trump asserting “I’m very excited about summer, getting in those things that I never have time for — golf, visiting friends in prison, and enjoying all the fantastic new tariffs.” He went on to say “tonight, I’m gonna have myself a real good time,” but instead of moving on to say “burnin’ through the sky, two hundred degrees,” he sang that he’s, “burnin’ every bridge, pickin’ every fight.”

“He’s a loose cannon rippin’ up the laws of society,” Aidy Bryant’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders sang.


“Yeah the Supreme Court’s ready for a fight on abortion. We’ve got the votes now,” Kenan Thompson’s Clarence Thomas sang, “women are screwed.”

Beck Bennett’s Pence crooned that he wants to “make a super straight man out of you.”

“Wait a second. I have something very important to say to the American people. Something they need to hear,” DeNiro’s Mueller says before getting cut off by Baldwin’s Trump shouting “no collusion!”

Towards the end of the skit, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. joined to say that they wanted to sing too. Eric then launched into a rendition of the Muppets theme song.

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