Converse Faces Huge Backlash After Partnering With An 11-Year-Old Drag Queen (VIDEO)

Converse shoe company is facing backlash for partnering with an 11-year-old drag queen named Desmond Napoles.

Converse tweeted that it is “partnering with 6 individuals connected to the LGBTQ+ community who show the power of expressing one’s true self.”

Many people on Twitter said they will no longer be purchasing Converse shoes.

One of these 6 individuals is Desmond Napoles, an 11-year-old ‘drag queen.’

Desmond’s bio on the Converse website describes him as a “drag kid/LGBTQ+ advocate.”

The 11-year-old drag queen has been a favorite star of the mainstream media.

In November 2018, Desmond appeared on ‘Good Morning America.’  Desmond wore a wig, high heels, dress, and makeup while the audience cheered.

Desmond was also filmed dancing at a gay night club called ‘3 Dollar Bill.’

People threw dollar bills at the 11-year-old boy while he was on stage.

So disturbing.



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