WILD VIDEO: YouTuber BRAWLS With Antifa Thugs in SoCal Beach Town

“This is America, I should be able to talk and walk wherever I want, right?” asks YouTube personality Brandon, of ‘That’s The Point with Brandon,’ shortly after he’s warned by someone to not go toward the masked antifa crowd in Huntington Beach, California on Saturday.

“Don’t putchya hand on me” Brandon says to one bro who’s attempting to bro him from going into the crowd. “We’re building a wall,” says the bro.

The antifa thugs quickly surround Brandon, arms linked together like they often do when confronted by riot police. “You don’t weigh enough, you’re underage,” Brandon says to one antifa who gets in his grill. That’s when things start to get hairy, as the antifa cowards start to touch him and even hit him with their flagstaffs.

And it was on!

Brandon starts throwing punches, rocking multiple soy boys. A couple of them try to noodle arm a punch here and there, while others continue to try to hit him with their flagstaffs in the weakest ways possible. Brandon keeps throwing knucks as the crazed communists keep coming at him.

Watch it all unfold here (language warning):


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