VIDEO: Antifa Stages Protest Outside Trump Adviser Stephen Miller’s Home, Cast ‘Curses’ Upon Him

Leftist activists have once again held a flash mob style protest at the home of President Donald Trump’s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.

The group also cast “curses” upon him, including “may you turn into a blintz and be snatched up by a cat,” “may you have thunder in your belly and lightning in your pants,” and”let no evil eye avoid him,” journalist Ford Fischer reported on Twitter.

Fischer reports that the group, organized by “Werk for Peace” spent most of their time dancing to Yiddish music and singing.

The protest seemed to be against Miller’s stances on immigration.

One speaker, Scott Brown, claimed that Miller, who is Jewish, has “hidden behind whiteness” to gain power.

“It is disgraceful to use the oppression that is a part of our Jewish history as a distraction from the ways we benefit from whiteness,” he said into a microphone.

Full video report from News2Share:


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