Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Called Rep. Ilhan Omar to Explain Why They Didn’t Remove President Trump’s Tweet About Her

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey personally called Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tuesday to explain why they did not remove President Donald Trump’s tweet about her, that she claimed lead to threats.

The call came on the same day that Dorsey met with President Donald Trump in the White House.

On April 12, President Trump tweeted a clip of Rep. Omar speaking at a CAIR event and describing the terrorist attacks of September 11 by saying that “some people did something.” As she spoke, the clip was cut with footage of the attacks which left 2,996 people dead.

The freshman representative claimed that the tweet lead to her receiving death threats.

Rep. Omar had reportedly demanded to know why Dorsey did not immediately remove the tweet from the president. According to the Washington Post, Dorsey told her that Trump hadn’t violated Twitter’s terms of service. However, the CEO claimed that Twitter needed to do a better job in keeping “harassing and hateful” posts off the platform.

“During their conversation, [Dorsey] emphasized that death threats, incitement to violence, and hateful conduct are not allowed on Twitter,” a Twitter representative said in a statement to the Washington Post. They added that the company is staying in contact with Rep. Omar’s office.


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