New Hampshire Man From Project Veritas Sting ARRESTED For Double Voting

After being served with a grand jury subpoena last week, James O’Keefe was concerned that law enforcement officials were targeting him and his organization for one of their undercover operations that revealed more voter fraud.

However, this turned out to be the second win for O’Keefe this week, after a defamation against his organization was dismissed by a judge. District attorneys in New Hampshire have now arrested Robert Bell, the man who admitted on video to double voting.

WMUR reports:

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office announced Friday that an Atkinson man was arrested on a charge of double-voting, in Atkinson and Florida, in the November 2018 general election.

Robert A. Bell, 77, is the man identified by the activist group Project Veritas in a video released last week. WMUR’s earlier report on the video follows this update.

The attorney general’s office said Bell surrendered to law enforcement authorities earlier Friday and was released on bail. He was charged with a class B felony for violating a state law that prohibits someone from voting more than once.

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