Never-Trump Neocons Throw Their Weight Behind ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg

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The establishment Never-Trump neocons are throwing their weight behind ventriloquist dummy lookalike and Democratic presidential candidate Peter Buttigieg.

Warmonger Bill Kristol and his flying monkeys have been openly salivating over Buttigieg for over a week now, without actually endorsing him, and their efforts seem to be intensifying.

Kristol, of course, is not only anti-Trump for all the worst reasons, he is also an unapologetic architect of the Iraq War.

As Caitlin Johnstone explained in her brilliant article about Kristol’s desire for war with Iran, in which she branded him a “depraved sociopath,” the Bulwark co-founder previously “used his influence in the Bush administration to advance an agenda for US global domination, enforced by unilateral military interventions.”


“Kristol’s policy group, the ‘Project for the New American Century,’ had laid out this plan several years earlier. It began with the catastrophic and unforgivable invasion of Iraq, but according to U.S. General Wesley Clark the ultimate plan was to take out six more sovereign governments: Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and ultimately Iran,” she noted.

Kristol’s new website, which he raised like an overweight necromancer from the corpse of the Weekly Standard, is so infatuated with Buttigieg that it’s publishing fluff pieces about his logos. Like a teenage valley girl, the article begins, “Have you heard the news? Mayor Pete is the new hotness!”

“First, let’s start with the fact that Mayor Pete didn’t just launch one logo. He launched six (6!) official logos. That’s almost one logo for every foreign language in which the gay Harvard Rhodes scholar is fluent!” the Kristol lackey gushed.

Another Bulwark essay about Buttigieg focused on the vitally important topic of him kissing his husband. The fawning article was written by a former McCain staffer, communications director for Jeb Bush, and spokesman for the Republican National Committee — a RINO triple whammy. It was shared by nearly every pro-war reporter in the establishment media.

“This symbolic element of the presidency and power of identity doesn’t negate all the other factors, of course. Policy matters. But the identity matters, too,” wrote the NeverTrump RINO.

“And if next summer in front of a worldwide audience on a stage in Milwaukee, a man accepts the Democratic nomination and turns to give his husband a kiss, it will send a ripple that will reach those fighting their internal wars everywhere.”

Ana Navarro, who despite all the evidence continues to claim allegiance to the Republican party, is also on the Buttigieg train.

“Just imagine having a President whose intellect exceeds that of a root vegetable…for a change,” Navarro tweeted.

Likewise, Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin, who also still claims to be a “conservative,” has been publicly swooning over “Mayor Pete.” She has tweeted praise for the candidate dozens of times.

The cast of hawkish cartoon-villains supporting this guy seems endless — which means that everyone should immediately look into his foreign policy stances. Shockingly, his positions have barely been discussed, as was pointed out by an article on National Interest, titled “Does Pete Buttigieg Have A Foreign Policy?

National Interest explained:

“As a worldly man who speaks seven languages and spent a year in the mid-2000s working with The Cohen Group, a firm providing strategic advice for overseas business sectors, it’s unlikely that Buttigieg hasn’t considered foreign affairs.

But, as Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin observed, Buttigieg is one of several candidates who doesn’t “mention foreign or military policy on their campaign websites at all.” His public statements hardly pull back much of the veil. He has one tweet from December 2018 calling U.S. policy in Yemen “indefensible,” another vaguely praising the NATO troops he served alongside, and a single tweet criticizing President Trump for praising “the leadership of the dictator of North Korea” during negotiations.

He does not appear to have taken a stance on Saudi Arabia, China, or the ongoing U.S. intervention in Venezuela. According to PBS, Buttigieg opposes U.S. withdrawal from Syria although there is no citation or quote.”

One of the only foreign policy issues that Buttigieg has been outspoken about is his support for Israel, though he disagrees with the politics of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Buttigieg is one of very few candidates who does not even have a section on foreign policy on his website. Perhaps these neocons are hoping that by lending their support early they will be in a position to help shape it — or, maybe they know something that we don’t.

In either case, given that the people supporting him all share an affection for trillion-dollar forever wars, those who seek to put “America First” and stop playing the world’s police should be very concerned by “Mayor Pete.”

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