Empire Stars & Co-Creator Want Lyin’ Jussie Smollett Back, Ignore Racist Hate Crime Hoax

During an appearance on a NYC morning radio show, Empire co-creator Lee Daniels made it clear that he and the top-billed cast of the Fox show ‘Empire’ are standing as a “united front” in wanting Jussie Smollett back for the upcoming sixth season.

Smollett famously created a racial uproar a few months ago, when he claimed to have been attacked by two white racist Trump supporters in MAGA hats who hurled expletives at him as they initiated a vicious beat down in Chicago after he exited a Subway shop and was headed back to his apartment.

Smollett claimed the attackers shouted ‘this is MAGA country,” before placing a rope around his neck in an attempt to lynch him.

Smollett repeated these claims in bids for sympathy across cable news and garnered support from every magaphobic member of Hollywood, the mainstream media and Democrat politics for his “bravery” in surviving the hatefully racist attack on him from supporters of President Donald Trump. This became another “see I told you the President and his supporters hate black people and members of the LGBT community” flashpoint for progressives.

But as Smollett continued to expand upon his story with new details that seemed to-good-to-be true, Chicago PD and the Mayor’s office knew that the Empire actor wasn’t telling the truth. It was then revealed that Smollett paid two Nigerian brothers, who had been extras on ‘Empire’ and worked with him as personal trainers, thousands of dollars to stage the fake hate crime. Smollett reportedly plotted this hate hoax because he was unhappy with his per-episode pay on the show and thought the stunt would help raise his profile/payday.

The Osundairo brothers were caught on security cameras buying the materials, including the rope that Smollett was found with around his neck when police arrived.

The Osundairo brothers would end up as witnesses in the investigation, giving law enforcement the vital information they needed to bring charges. Smollett was then charged with 16 felony counts, before the Obama-linked State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropped the charges without consulting with investigators, allowing the actor to walk scot-free by paying a small $10,000 fine.

The Chicago Police Department is currently seeking over $100,000 from Smollett to recoup costs of a massive investigation that included a costly man-hunt that aimed to apprehend his racist attackers.

Just a few days ago, the two-brothers announced that they were filing a lawsuit against Smollett and his attorney for making false claims about them in media appearances.

It’s sad to see the Empire cast and creator opting to ignore Smollett’s laundry list of lies. He could have very well started a race war in this country with his lies – Their enabling of the lying actor is a crying shame.


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