WATCH: Converse Pulls a Gillette With Insane Pandering SJW Ad Campaign, Gets Poetically Wrecked in YouTube Comments

Converse has released a new ad campaign that may actually be worse than Gillette’s.

Titled, “The Woman Who Lived in a Shoe,” Converse explained that the campaign features “modern day nursery rhymes for women who own their stories.”

The cringe-worthy ad tells the “real” stories of women of color who apparently quit their jobs, opted not to get married or have children, get trolled online and “choose the life” that they lead. It features bizarre art, naturally demonizing white men… to sell shoes.

The video had nearly 10,000 “dislikes” in one day.


The comment section was equally brutal, with people sharing their own rhymes to mock the campaign.

One user wrote:

“There once was a woman

Who lived in a shoe

She got fired from

Buzzfeed Then Converse too”

Another added:

“There once was a company

That lived under a rock

Unaware of the insanity

Progressivism had wrought”

One poem warned that by getting political, the company will go broke:

“There was an old company

Who was forced to #GETWOKE

They gave in to the crybullies

And eventually went broke”

A user by the name of The Anachronist also rhymed about their inevitable revenue loss:

“There once was a small shrieking vocal minority,

Who told companies they had the oppression monopoly.

Muh wage gap, glass ceiling and boardroom disparity,

In spite of the legal action for equality.

The companies pandered until they were ‘woke’,

So sit back and relax, let’s watch them go broke”

The hits just kept coming:

“Converse just made

This feminist propaganda

But these words are pure trash

In every stanza”

A user named Noumenon John really went for it:

“There was a young feminist who lived in an old Converse shoe.

She was taught to hate men since she was only two

With her purple hair cut short and her frumpy disposition

Being a victim seemed to be her only mission.

Perhaps early on someone had broken her heart

Now her only companion is a cucumber from Walmart

With her $100,000 college debt, and her Womans Studies degree held high.

Shes angry at the Patriarchy and those toxically masculine guys.

But sometimes at night, or secretly during the day.

She opens her Kindle and reads Fifty Shades of Grey

She thinks ‘These feelings are so confusing, I long to be taken’

‘I long for a man to bring home the bacon.’

‘But according to society, I must be wrong.’

‘I know my Social Justice Professor was right all along’

So she steels her resolve to break through that glass ceiling

But why does everyone keep hurting her feelings?

After a long day of being offended and ruining everything great.

She secretly wonders where her innocence went and why she’s so full of hate.

She’s so mad at Trump, still bitter about the election.

But who has harmed her more, Trump or that darned yeast infection?

Shes such an empowered woman though, but at what cost?

Perhaps she was misled, perhaps she was brainwashed.

‘No….no….I’m the Queen….this couldn’t be true.’

‘I’m a young feminist who lives in an old Converse Shoe!'”

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