Twitter Admits it Shadowbanned an Accurate Tweet About Hillary Clinton Working With Russians

Twitter has confessed that they shadowbanned a factual tweet about Hillary Clinton working with Russians to obtain information about then-candidate Donald Trump.

Sean Davis, co-founder of conservative website The Federalist, had tweeted a screenshot of former FBI attorney Lisa Page’s Congressional testimony in which she discussed an urgency within the FBI to find evidence of someone within the Trump campaign working with the Russians to obtain damaging information about Clinton.

Along with the screenshot, Davis wrote “This particular passage from Lisa Page’s testimony about the FBI’s Trump investigation is interesting, given that we now know for a fact that a foreign national working on behalf of Hillary’s campaign was working with Russians to obtain damaging information about Trump.”

Shortly after the post, Davis tweeted screenshots of his tweet not appearing on feeds for other people — though it remained visible to him. He asked if Twitter was “experimenting with shadow bans by deleting tweets so others can’t see them, but keeping them visible to you while you’re logged in?”

Nearly a week later, Davis posted an update saying that Twitter had confirmed to him that they did indeed shadowban his tweet — in order to “keep people safe[.]”

Davis said Twitter “claimed in its e-mail to me that it ‘mistakenly remove[d]’ a completely anodyne tweet about public congressional testimony, but didn’t explain why it left the tweet–and metrics showing no engagement–visible to me when logged in.” He then asked, “is conning users a bug, or a feature?”

“Twitter gave me no notice or explanation when it shadowbanned one of my Tweets about Russian interference in our elections. But what’s worse is how Twitter apparently gives its users the fraudulent impression that their tweets, which Twitter secretly bans, are still public,” Davis wrote.

Zero Hedge summed the situation up nicely:

“In short, Twitter did not want the public to consider the irony of Hillary Clinton’s campaign paying for a foreign national to collude with Russians against Donald Trump, while the FBI scrambled to prove the Trump campaign did.”

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) filed a $250 million lawsuit against Twitter on Monday for shadowbanning conservatives to influence elections.


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