Soros Connection: RINO Congressman Brian Mast Sides With Democrats On Guns, Environment

Once lauded by conservatives for his military service, double-amputee freshman Congressman Brian Mast appears to have quickly folded and is becoming a reliable vote for the democrats.

First he caved on HR8, voting with the democrats to require background checks on anyone wishing to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, which many say is a backdoor gun registry or could very well lead to one.

Now, Rep. Mast appears to be cozying up to Soros-backed environmental groups, namely the Center For Biological Diversity.

BizPac review writes:

Congressman Brian Mast is a war hero, conservative, and all-American family man, voting with President Trump 100 percent of the time in the 116th Congress. So it comes as a complete and total surprise that he recently appeared publicly with a group that has repeatedly sued the Trump Administration and has taken at least $17,500 from a George Soro-linked organization. The group in question is the Center for Biological Diversity, a far left environmental group supported by the George Soros-backed and San Francisco-based Tides Foundation. Soros’ support for the Tides Foundation has been widely reported.

Recently, Congressman Mast appeared at an event in his congressional district to promote public awareness of environmental issues in Florida. The meeting was organized by far-left environmental groups Bullsugar and the Center for Biological Diversity.

The Center for Biological Diversity has proudly sued the Trump Administration 106 times. According to a large banner on the front of the left-leaning group’s website, the group is “nowhere near finished” filing lawsuits against President Trump.

In fact, on the day that Mast appeared with the group, the group announced it was filing suit against President Trump’s administration Emergency Declaration to build the new border wall. In announcing the lawsuit, the Center for Biological Diversity’s senior attorney called President Trump’s declaration “a flagrant abuse of that constitutional structure…If [Trump] gets his way, it’ll be a disaster for communities and wildlife along the border, including some of our country’s most endangered species.”

George Bennett of the Palm Beach Post adds:

Freshman U.S. Rep. Brian Mast, R-Palm City, crosses the aisle to co-sponsor Democratic legislation at a higher rate than all but three of his Republican colleagues in the House, according to figures from Quorum Analytics, a Washington firm that tracks federal legislation for trade associations, lobbyists and others.

Mast has been a co-sponsor on 123 bills in the 115th Congress, including 37 — or 30 percent — that were sponsored by Democrats, according to Quorum’s research.

Among House Republicans, only Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ofMiami (38 percent), Walter Jones of North Carolina (35 percent) and Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania (31 percent) were co-sponsors on a higher percentage of Democratic bills.

The Democratic legislation Mast has co-sponsored includes a few ceremonial and post office-naming bills, but also a bill sponsored by Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., to limit President Donald Trump‘s ability to waive sanctions against Russia, a measure to establish a Climate Solutions Commission, the Marine Oil Spill Prevention Act, the U.S.-Israel Common Defense Authorization Act, the U.S.-Israel Joint Missile Defense Act, a Frankel bill to ease the sale of foreign-flagged yachts in the U.S. and several defense and veteran-related bills. Mast is a decorated Army veteran who lost both his legs after a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

Kieran Suckling, executive director for the Center For Biological Diversity, helped save the planet by flying to Oregon to organize protests against the Hammond and Bundy families when during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff. Upon Trump pardoning the Hammonds, Suckling said “The Hammonds are dangerous people with a history of arson, illegal grazing and threatening federal officials. Trump’s pardon abandons human decency and will encourage more violence and extremism among his base.”

So what will Rep. Brian Mast cave in on next? Immigration? Taxes? (Insert phony leftist cause here)?

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