Oregon Secretary Of State Passes Away, Far Left Governor Kate Brown To Appoint Wacky Republican

Oregon Secretary Of State Dennis Richardson has lost his battle with brain cancer. He passed last week. Elected in 2016 after serving several terms in the state House, Richardson was the first Republican to win a statewide election since 2002.

As per Oregon law, his replacement is to be appointed by the governor, which happens to be wacked out far left Kate Brown, whose been caught in numerous allegations of corruption, lies, more corruption, ethics violations, and elections violations. The good news is the replacement must be a registered Republican. The bad news is that there’s no requirement of any length of time the successor must be registered as such. Futhermore, Governor Brown has announced that the person she chooses must commit to NOT running for the seat in the 2020 election. This could be considered some form of extortion or blackmail.

Willamette Week reports:

Now, as Richardson’s family prepares for his funeral, the political question animating the Capitol is what happens next. State law calls for Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, to appoint Richardson’s successor.

Last year, when it became clear that Richardson’s health was declining significantly, Brown’s spokesman, Chris Pair, told WW and other publications that in the event of Richardson’s death, Brown would appoint a Republican, as the law requires, however she intended to select a person who would commit to not seeking re-election.

In a statement this morning, Brown paid tribute to Richardson.

“Regardless of what side of the aisle his colleagues sat on, we all knew Dennis’ kind heart guided his career of service to the people of Oregon,” Brown said. “His reputation for perseverance not only guided him through the fight with cancer, it also gave us all reassurance that he was fighting cancer with the same determination he brought to work every day.”

Brown’s office also reiterated that she will select somebody from Richardson’s party to replace him, as required by law. Brown has said, however, that she will select somebody who does not intend to run for the office.

“Governor Brown has decided to consider appointees from the Republican party who commit to not entering the 2020 election for Secretary of State, as she did in 2015 when selecting her own successor,” Brown’s office said.

That would eliminate from consideration anybody who might use the appointment to govern aggressively while in office or serve as a rival to Democratic candidates in future election.

Then Secretary Of State Kate Brown herself ascended to the governor’s seat when then-governor, John Kitzhaber, resigned after a slew of ethics complaints and a pay-for-play scheme. She was in the awkward position of appointing the replacement to her seat.

The state GOP is urging Brown to select the new Secretary Of State based on a candidate pool chosen by the state Republican executive committee.

The Gateway Pundit will be following Brown’s move closely.


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