Not ‘Woke’ Enough: National Association of Black Journalists Accuses CNN of Lacking Diversity Among Executives

The National Association of Black Journalists is calling out CNN for lacking diversity among their executives.

Though the network constantly preaches about diversity and parades their “wokeness,” according to the NABJ, they aren’t practicing what they preach.

Newsbusters reports that the NABJ  has placed CNN on a “special media monitoring list,” and a four-person team from the NABJ “will perform further research and an analysis of CNN’s diversity, inclusion and equity practices,” then “publicly report on identified deficiencies in hiring a diverse workforce in news decision-making capacities.”

According to their statement, the black journalist group is also calling for “a civil rights audit that examines the company’s hiring, promotion and compensation practices.”


Their statement claims:

Specifically, NABJ is concerned about the findings of preliminary research that reveals the following:

▪ CNN President Jeff Zucker has no black direct reports.
▪ There are no black Executive Producers at CNN.
▪ There are no black Vice Presidents on the news side at CNN.
▪ There are no black Senior Vice Presidents on the news side at CNN.

The NABJ wrote that they have delegates “already engaged” in “very positive outreach” with several other media companies including Fox News.

The group claims that CNN President Jeff Zucker is refusing to meet with them because he is still hostile that NABJ’s Vice President-Digital Roland Martin’s “participation in a 2016 town hall meeting with Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Previously, former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile admitted, according to a Time essay, she inadvertently disclosed a town hall topic to the Clinton campaign that was part of Martin’s research inquiry for the town hall.”

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