Liberals Celebrate the Man Arrested for Assaulting Rep. Steve King, Launch GoFundMe to Support Him

Liberal journalists and celebrities are publicly celebrating the man who was arrested for assaulting Republican Rep. Steve King at a restaurant in Iowa over the weekend — and a GoFundMe has even been launched to raise money for him.

The fundraiser for the attacker has raised $3,125 of its $3,000 goal in roughly 16 hours.

According to a statement from the Fort Dodge Police Department, Rep. King was having a group lunch around 12:30 p.m. when 26-year-old Blake Gibbins approached the table and inquired about his identity.

Ultimately, the man ended up throwing a glass of water at Rep. King — and others at the table were also hit.

“When officers arrived on scene, they discovered the intended victim, United States Representative Steve King, was having a group lunch when an unknown male approached their table. The male approached Mr. King, inquired as to his identity, and ultimately threw a glass of water on Mr. King,” the statement from police says. “Others having lunch with Mr. King were also struck. Based on witness information, it is believed Mr. King was specifically targeted due to his position as a United States Representative.”

Now, there are hundreds of tweets from the left openly celebrating the act of political violence.

Bob Brigham, the senior editor at the blog Raw Story, said that the police were “defending white supremacy” by arresting the attacker.

The GoFundMe campaign description reads, “Nearly everybody knows Steve King is a boob. Blake did what many of us wish we could do. Let’s show him our support for his actions!”

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