Facebook Removes Popular “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” page… AGAIN

Facebook’s war on dissidents has struck again, this time taking down Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. Again.

Throughout its various incarnations, takedowns, reinstatements, and subsequent combining of pages, the Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children page once boasted over 2 million followers. The page has always been a reliable source for viral memes, pro-America pictures, and news aggregation. Turns out they are mainly an apparel company, selling shirts, stickers, patches, and flags on their website, www.unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com. The site and clothing company is founded by a Latino Marine veteran, Rick “Tank” Ferran, and the name is a play on USMC.

Facebook has now banned them again, wiping out 310,000 followers. This is after previously removing their 2.2 million liked page last year in the run up to the midterm election. As usual, Hal 9000 offers no explanation.

The columnist manager for USMC tells The Gateway Pundit “We are appealing the Facebook action, but as you are aware, that is sometimes an exercise in futility.” She goes on explain further “We’ve been taken down around 7 times, counting this last one. They did give us back our 98k page in December, now only to take us down again at 310k. In 2015, a FB employee gathered up all our previous pages and combined them into one, which gave us a LOT of likes and we built it up to over 2 million. There was an article recently in which Facebook proudly proclaimed they had removed all “white supremacist” pages. Tank did post a meme that was talking about Democrats and had a black slave in it, which got him a 30 day ban. Immediately afterward they took us down entirely.”

In the meantime, they are still able to operate their USMC group on Facebook, which has over 100,000 members,

SPLC even calls them an “antigovernment” extremist group. “Think they should get that log out of their own eye before they go accusing us of those kinds of things. We’ve never been anti-government, just anti-tyranny, evidenced by all the military, first responders, and civilians that value our community for our patriotism,” a representative from USMC tells us.

Fearing that are falsely being targeted in Facebook’s new crack down on “white supremacist” pages, USMC is stressing in their appeal that they are run by a minority, and they often feature pro Trump and pro American minorities in their pictures and columns. USMC is also concerned that Facebook may be falsely claiming the page is some sort of fake news or conspiracy site, as they recently questioned the coincidental timing of John Podesta’s trip to New Zealand.

Of course the best way to combat conspiracy theorists who think your website is banning dissenters and those who don’t jive with the group-think is to literally ban the dissenters who don’t jive with the group-think.

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children will likely continue to do what they’ve always done when they get taken down; start a new page with a slightly different play on the name.



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