Border Patrol Forced to Release Illegal Aliens Directly Into Communities – Not Enough Bed Space to Hold Them

The US Border Patrol is being forced to restart “catch-and-release” at the border because there isn’t enough bed space to hold illegal aliens and under the law, they cannot be immediately sent back across the border.

A record surge at the US-Mexico border is forcing border patrol agents to directly release illegal aliens into communities for the first time since the Bush administration.

Over 100,000 illegal aliens will be detained at the US-Mexico border in March alone — this is an invasion.

The Washington Times reported:

Kevin K. McAleenan, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection said things have gotten so bad that more than 100,000 illegal immigrants will be nabbed at the border in March alone. Those are levels that haven’t been seen in more than a decade, and the current situation is worse because the migrants are exploiting loopholes that make it almost impossible to oust them, Mr. McAleenan said.

He said that means that the Border Patrol will, for the first time since the Bush administration, actually be directly releasing illegal immigrants into the communities — a policy agents call “catch-and-release,” and which they consider an embarrassing black mark on their duties.

“For the first time in over a decade CBP is performing direct releases of migrants,” he told reporters in a press conference at the border fence in El Paso, Texas.

Mr. McAleenan said the surge of illegal immigrants is so big, and they are seeing so many sick people, that in some areas 40 percent of Border Patrol agents’ time is being spent driving illegal immigrants to and from processing centers, taking them to clinics or babysitting them while they undergo care.

President Trump recently declared a national emergency to secure funding for a border wall and both Democrats and Republicans are pushing back against the President.

Huge caravans of Central American migrants have marched up through Mexico to the US border which has overwhelmed the asylum system — and another caravan is on the way.

Mexico’s Interior Minster Olga Sánchez Cordero sounded the alarm Wednesday about a new caravan, dubbed “Caravana Madre” (Mother of All Caravans), forming in Honduras that could swell to 20,000 migrants trying to enter the United States after crossing Mexico, reported TGP’s Kristinn Taylor.

President Trump has called on Congress many times to change the insanely suicidal “catch-and-release” policies, however, lawmakers have done NOTHING to put a stop to the invasion of illegals.

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