AWFUL: Two Black Youths Rob Immigrant Shopkeeper Named “Lucky” – SHOOT HIM WHILE HE HANDS OVER THE CASH! (VIDEO)

Awful video out of Milwaukee shows two black youths robbing and shooting an immigrant shopkeeper.

It’s even worse than it sounds. The store owners know the shooter. They’ve helped his mom out in the past.

From Liveleak:

A Milwaukee store clerk was shot in both legs during an armed robbery on Friday.

The clerk, who goes by the name “Lucky”, was shot while working in his family’s shop at 19th Street and Hampton Avenue.

Surveillance video shows two robbers walk into Multani Food Mart. One shot the clerk from the front of the counter, then went behind the counter and shot the man again as he was getting money from the cash register.

The 24-year old victim is recovering from his injuries.

His brother told WISN 12 News that the family knows the gunman, and has even helped the gunman’s mother during hard times.

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