Arizona HS Students Ask for AG Investigation After Being Kicked Off Campus Over Pro-Trump Attire and Flags

Students who were kicked off campus at Perry High School in Arizona over wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ attire and flags on Spirit Day are requesting an investigation by the Attorney General over the violation of their First Amendment rights.

The Spirit Day theme last week when the incident took place was “Party in the USA.”

Parents of the students who were kicked out of school and disciplined told reporters that their children had been ordered to remove their MAGA attire during lunch. The school claims that they were causing a disturbance, but students have asserted that it was not the case.

At least one of the students has also been suspended. The school’s handbook says nothing about political attire being banned.

Sophomore Morgan Dupuis told AZ Family that not only was he asked to remove his pro-Trump attire, he claims that a coach also made him do 1,000 up-downs as punishment for wearing his MAGA gear.

“When the school’s resource officer asked the students to leave campus, they declined,” Principal Dan Serrano told the York Daily Record. “They also refused to respond to my request to provide their names and school identification when I sought to interview them.”

A parent who was called to the school by her daughter during the incident was told that if she did not leave campus she could be charged with trespassing — despite having multiple children who go there. The verbal altercation with the school administration was captured on video.

On Monday, protesters carrying MAGA signs rallied at the school.

“I’m here to support my freedom of speech and to fight not only for myself being subjected to their hate of me being who I am and believing what I believe in but I’m also here to fight for some of my friends that got in trouble,” Perry High School student Sam Wurst told YDR of why he joined the protest. “I’m also here to support my president. Whether they like it or not he’s our president and I support him and he supports what I believe in.”

The protesters, many of them students at the school, handed out flyers with three demands listed.

  • Lift punishment of student and parents.
  • Release statement to support students right to free speech.
  • Initiate an AG’s Office investigation into the the school, administration and district.
The scandal has made big waves, even gaining coverage in USA Today — yet the GOP has seemingly done nothing to help stop this constant targeting of people who dare to support the president.


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