YouTube Attacks Navy Veteran – Terminates His Channel After He Exposed Nathan Phillips As A Fraud

Former Navy SEAL Don Shipley

The purge continues.

After exposing Native American, Nathan Phillips as a fraud, YouTube has terminated the account of Retired Navy Seal, Donald W. “Don” Shipley.

YouTube Deplatforms Retired Navy SEAL Who Exposed Tribal Elder Nathan Phillips’ Stolen Valor

Nathan Phillips, you’ll recall, is the lying democrat activist who led an ambush against a group of teenage boys innocently waiting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for their bus ride home.

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It was Don Shipley who exposed that Phillips was lying about his military career.

What reason did YouTube give for terminating this American Hero’s account?

The reason given by YouTube for the termination of the account was “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”

So, according to YouTube, exposing people who are guilty of stolen valor is bullying, harassing, or threatening?

When do we have the Million MAGA March on Silicon Valley?


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