WATCH: BBC News and ‘Hope Not Hate’ Caught on Camera Conspiring to Create Fake News About Tommy Robinson

The BBC and and far-left activist organization ‘Hope Not Hate’ have been caught on camera conspiring together to create fake news about Tommy Robinson.

The BBC’s Panorama was planning to do a hit-style documentary on Robinson — but it has blown up in their face after multiple people secretly recorded conversations with their reporters.

Someone close to Robinson explained to the Gateway Pundit that the BBC, in a joint effort with Hope Not Hate, “contacted and blackmailed Robinson’s former disgruntled employees into fabricating damning evidence to discredit his reputation.”

Unfortunately for them, the former employees recorded the conversations.

Robinson now has video evidence of the BBC’s investigative journalist John Sweeney meeting with a former employee and directing them on what to say.

The source who has the full videos provided the Gateway Pundit with them — but asked they not be released in full yet — and explained that Sweeney “not only makes deals to spin their story but explicitly tells them what to say in the interview for the documentary. Additionally, he is on camera making derogatory comments about Gays, Muslims, Greeks, the working class calling them ‘cannibals from the Amazonian’. He was even recorded telling someone that the BBC can take an argument that is on tape with Robinson and sexualize it to bring him down.”

Earlier this week, Robinson was scheduled to be interviewed for the documentary himself — but he turned the tables when he confronted the documentary team with the transcripts of secret videos he obtained from their production. He also brought his own camera crew to record the interaction.

With the entire meeting filmed, Robinson played the recordings for the BBC producers and Sweeney to confront them on their bias and the coordination with Hope Not Hate. They admitted to Hope Not Hate being present when interviewing Robinson’s former employees — validating the coordination between the two organizations.

Robinson has now released some of the clips from what they have gathered and will be playing them in their entirety outside the BBC offices in Manchester on February 23rd.

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