Students for Life Receive $57,000 in GoFundMe Donations on Behalf of Covington Catholic Students

Students for Life, the largest pro-life student organization, has received over $57,000 from a GoFundMe organized by several students from Covington Catholic High School and teenage conservative activist C.J. Pearson.

The organization thanked the teenagers in a blog post on their website on Friday.

“Students for Life of America was not involved with the fundraiser and only became aware of it once the fundraiser was started. We are grateful for the support and the selflessness of the Covington students who asked that the money go to Students for Life instead of their classmates legal and public relations defense,” the post stated.

The GoFundMe was organized by Pearson to assist the Covington Catholic students, but as multiple lawyers and PR firms stepped up to offer pro bono representation, the students opted to instead have the proceeds go to Students for Life.

Pearson told the Gateway Pundit, “in recent days, Democrats have begun to champion their most radical pro-abortion policies to date. I look forward to these funds being used to beat back the agenda of the pro-abortion lobby and safeguard the interests of the unborn.”


Students for Life said in their statement that they will be using the funds in a way that honors the Covington Catholic students.

This money will go to increasing our presence in Kentucky and preparing Students for Life leaders to deal with any controversy the media may heap on them, including additional public relations training and purchasing of various camera and audio equipment to equip students to handle controversy. Pro-life students on campuses already face hostile administrators, student government leaders, and pro-abortion academics. They should not have to face a complicit media as well,” the organization’s president said in the statement.

Grant Hillman, a senior at Covington Catholic High School who was part of the decision to donate the funds to Students for Life told the organization, “The entire reason our school attends that March is to support the right to life. This was overshadowed by the controversy that took place in DC and we raised money for Students for Life to bring the focus back to the original reason our school attends the March; the pro-life cause.”

Another student involved in the effort, Sam Schroder, who is also a senior at Covington added that, “We felt like there was no better way to bring the spotlight back to the whole reason that we were there than to raise awareness and money for a pro-life cause.”

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