MUST WATCH: Comedian Hilariously Reenacts Jussie Smollett ‘Attack’

Comedian Dale Cover has reenacted the Jussie Smollett attack — and it is absolutely hilarious.

The video cuts between the stand-up comic reenacting Smollett’s infamous “Good Morning America” interview about the “assault” and what seems to have actually happened.

“What Happened to Jussie Smollett from Empire. Was it a hate crime or a hoax. In this video, we got breaking news showing the real story. We find out just who the two Nigerian’s were and their alleged role in the staged attack,” the video description reads.

The parody opens up with Smollett recounting his version of the story on “Good Morning America.”

After showing Smollett walking across the street, the video cuts to two black men, portraying the Nigerian brothers who claim that they were paid by the Empire actor to stage the attack. One of the men screams, “Empire! Listen to f-cking motherf-cking s—t,” with a heavy accent. The second man then says, “this is MAGA country — Make America Great Again” while holding up a thin noose.

“Stop, wait a minute, you’ve got a dashiki on and you don’t even sound American,” Cover’s Smollett character asserts. “I asked for two goons to help me Make America Great Again and they sent two Nigerians — what is this, 1619?”


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