Here We Go–> Another Hate Hoax? Trump-Hating Homeowner Claims MAGA Supporter Is Stalking Him, Egged His House… In Liberal San Francisco?

A San Francisco homeowner claims his house was egged and he is being stalked after he posted an “Impeach Trump” sign on his second floor balcony.

The homeowner claims a stalker left a MAGA sign on his front door.

Again, he lives in San Francisco a county that votes 90% Democrat.
His stalker must be a VERY BRAVE MAGA supporter.


The homeowner has wisely not notified the police with the story.

So the alleged Trump supporter is not upset about the needles and human feces on the street? — It’s the anti-Trump sign that set him off?
ABC-KGO reported:

In an exclusive interview, ABC7 News spoke with a San Francisco homeowner who said his home was vandalized and he believes it all started after he put out an “Impeach Trump” sign on his balcony.

The San Francisco resident prefers to remain anonymous but said, “I kind of feel like the eggs had gone too far and I felt violated at that point. My kids live with me and I thought what will he do next? He can throw a rock through my window.”

Let’s rewind to three months ago when the trouble began. First, the homeowner received a letter in the mail that said, “Best you remove that sign or face some consequences!”

The sign is located on his second-floor balcony and reads, “If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention– Impeach Trump.”

“Then two weeks ago, I got a second handwritten note that was a little bit disturbing. It said, ‘MAGA– Trump and with an obscene gesture said F— U Libby’, and this one, it looked like someone had spent a lot of time on it. It was premeditated more so than the other ones,” said the homeowner.

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