Disgusting! Chelsea Clinton Launches Racist, Anti-Semitic Attack On Candace Owens

This rotten apple didn’t fall far from the Clinton tree. Chelsea, daughter of America’s first super-predator POTUS, launched a veiled racist and anti-Semitic attack against Candace Owens, accusing her of supporting Hitler.

Media Matters lit the dumpster fire:

And then Chelsea jumped in. That’s when things got really ugly.

Does Chelsea know she just made an argument for small gov’t and AGAINST SOCIALISM??? Anyway…

At this point, someone tries to get Chelsea to put down the shovel and stop digging herself a hole.

But Chelsea wasn’t having any of it. Her Father might’ve been the first “black” president, but she thinks she’s the first “Jewish” first-daughter.

OBVIOUSLY THIS IS RIDICULOUS, but Chelsea just couldn’t resist appropriating the Holocaust, wrapping herself in the memory of dead Jews, as though she is the defender of silenced voices, and attacking a black woman with the accusation of being Nazi sympathizer.

Candace doesn’t play, so she basically told Chelsea to stick a cigar in it.

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And since no Clinton has ever known when to shut their mouths…

And that’s when Candace threw down!


Candace also posted a video response that explains the whole situation. Chelsea is an idiot.

UPDATE: Jack Posobiec adds:



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