BREAKING: Senate Confirms Bill Barr as President Trump’s New Attorney General in 54-45 Vote

Bill Barr

On Tuesday afternoon, the Senate invoked cloture to end debate on AG nominee Bill Barr and passed in a 55-44 vote.

The Senate then voted to confirm Bill Barr as Trump’s new Attorney General on Thursday.

Bill Barr secured enough votes in the Senate Thursday — Three Democrats voted to confirm Barr, Senator Joe Manchin (WV), Senator Doug Jones (AL) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (AZ).


Senator Rand Paul (KY) was the only Republican to vote “no” on Bill Barr’s confirmation.

At the time of this publication, the vote is still open, although Bill Barr has the votes to secure his confirmation.

Update: The Senate confirmed Bill Barr as Trump’s new Attorney General in 54-45 vote.

It’s official – the gavel has come down.

Bill Barr will be taking over control of the Mueller investigation from Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

During his confirmation hearing, Bill Barr revealed he is Mueller’s best friend, so don’t expect Mueller’s inquisition to end any time soon.

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