Democrat Media and Twitter Mob Bully and Attack 11-Year-Old Child

Lib media hacks are panicking!

Trump’s SOTU speech was grand slam! The only people who weren’t moved by the President’s call for unity and optimism are radical marxist Democrats…and their fellow travelers in the media.

While everyone else was amazed by how presidential Trump was on Tuesday, others were grasping for anything they could find to attack the POTUS. Luckily for the Democrat media complex, there was an 11yr old victim of bullying available to mock.


ABC led the charge with this breaking news headline:


Daily(dumpster fire)Mail piled on:

Even the NYC PEACE MUSEUM used the 11yr old victim of bullying to attack Trump. The frigg’n “PEACE” museum!

Nothing says “Peace Museum” like tweets about sleeping 11 year old boys.

This story was so important that it went international.

How many times has the media abused children to attack Trump…this month?

First, the left creates an atmosphere so toxic that anyone named Trump, even children, are mercilessly attacked. Then, they use a bullied 11 year old child named Joshua Trump to attack Donald Trump! They know no bottom.

Of course, it didn’t take Joshua falling asleep for the left to pounce on him. They started attacking him and his family from the moment his invitation to the SOTU was announced.

Yup. A kid falls asleep, and the very same scumbags who created the environment that led to his bullying, immediately appropriate him for their additional bullying. Stay classy, enemy of the people.

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