WATCH: Black Conservative Movement for America Launches #CantBullyUs Campaign

The Black Conservative Movement has launched a #CantBullyUs campaign to combat the hate directed at black Trump supporters from members of the Democratic Party.

Khaliq Rodriquezus, the 16-year-old National Director of Advancement for BCM, told the Gateway Pundit that the goal of the campaign is “to show the left that just because you call us racists, coons, house n-ggas or race traitors — we will not be bullied.”

“We will leave the Democrats and no one can stop us!” Rodriquezus added.

Rodriquezus explained that he had been being called terrible racist names by the left over his political beliefs and found that the rest of the team at BCM had experienced the same problems. This motivated them to start a campaign to speak out against the bullying

“Personally, as a 16 year old black kid in Manhattan, I’m not supposed to be conservative — at least according to the left. Once I started to voice my political beliefs I got a lot of push back and was called a lot of disgusting names. On the leadership team at BCM we all had the same experiences so we decided to start the can’t bully us campaign,” Rodriquezus told The Gateway Pundit.

Rodriquezus said that soon after posting their own videos and stories, the staff at BCM realized bullying crosses racial lines — as people of all colors on the right have been facing smears and attacks.

The organization is now asking for other everyone to make videos about their experiences being bullied by the left using the #CantBullyUs hashtag in the post, “to show that left that they can’t bully us!”

BCM’s National Director of Communications, Charrise Lane, will also be attending the Blexit rally in Los Angeles this weekend.


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