Native Protester Admits They Knew Black Nationalists Were Yelling Racist, Homophobic Slurs at Children When They Confronted Covington Students in ‘Solidarity’ With Them

One of the Native American protesters who confronted the Covington High School students has admitted that he knew that black nationalists were harassing the kids when they joined them “in solidarity.”

The Native protester, Marcus Frejo, also “liked” a video on YouTube from notorious antisemitic Louis Farrakhan.

In a Facebook post about the incident, Frejo wrote that he was wandering around the area when “all of the sudden this mob of youth from the Covington catholic highschool make there onto the steps overlooking the African American brothers and start heckling them with loud maga chants and I quickly realize whats going on when the white bro next to me says their wearing maga hats and shirts.”

As the Gateway Pundit reported in our interview with students who were present and their parents, a 14-year-old student said that they were simply waiting for their school bus and doing chants when they were confronted.

“We were standing there when a group of four African-American protesters started calling us ‘crackers’ and ‘school shooters,'” the student told TGP. He also explained that they told one of our African-American students — who is one of my friends — that when he gets older we will harvest his organs, which is insane.”

Frejo knew this was happening, as he admits in the post — yet he has the audacity to claim it was the students who were racist.

“When we were singing you could hear the learned bigotry, you could hear the mocking, the laughs, the hate, the racism and as I looked around I thought who taught these kids to hate, who taught them to be this way, who taught them to disrespect an elder in this way,” Frejo wrote.

This is where it gets good, in an update to his post, Frejo acknowledges the homophobic and racist things that the black nationalists, who he repeatedly referred to as his brothers, were saying to the children.

“Even though the hebrew Israelite brothers said some disrespectful things that I heard earlier on during our rally, I still put that aside and wanted to help. Thats their teaching, we have ours and thats what makes us equally beautiful. The only way we can ever get to know eachother is to sit and visit, to eat together, spiritual align and then we become friends. Friends that could uplift eachother in our different beliefs. To sing, to bring that good spirit into a chaotic situation, maybe the world will see and feel that this is yet another teachable moment for all humanity. If the walls of division dont come crumbling down within the hearts of people how can we ever unite. This is a teachable moment for the youth. The earth is talking. The power of those drums. The sun is shining and the sacred mother moon is coming. Cleanse your spirit. Breathe,” Frejo wrote.

So, to sum it up — the Native American protesters were standing with open bigots against children that they thought might possibly be bigots because of their hats. Seems reasonable.


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