Hello Democrats, Did You Hear This?… Alan Dershowitz: Comparing Trump to Hitler Is Holocaust Denial (Video)

Democrats frequently compare Republican officials to the Nazis.

They have signs mass produced that compare GOP leaders to Hitler.

They even put up billboards comparing President Trump to Nazis.

Nancy Pelosi famously compared conservative Tea Party activists to Nazis in 2009.


Professor Alan Dershowitz joined FOX and Friends on New Year’s Day to discuss a new poll that finds most children are completely ignorant of the Jewish Holocaust in World War II. Dershowitz then went on to say that any of the people today who compare the current US political climate to the Nazis are basically Holocaust deniers.

A December poll found one-third of Europeans know little about the Holocaust.

Alan Dershowitz: Well, it’s remarkable how little history people know and how little they are willing to learn about something as tragic as that. And the result is these false analogies all over the place. Everybody is compared to Hitler. Everybody is compared to the Holocaust… Anybody who compares Trump or anybody else to Hitler essentially is a Holocaust denier.

Via FOX and Friends:

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