EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Protesters Outside Church in Covington OUTRAGED That the Truth is Coming Out

A small group of protesters gathered outside a church in Covington to protest the perceived “racism” of the students at Covington Catholic — despite their narrative having been debunked.

There was approximately 10 protesters, who demanded that the media is doing some “gaslighting bullsh-t” by retracting their early and incorrect reports about the behavior of the students.

After longer videos of the incident surfaced, it became clear that the Native American far-left activist, Nathan Phillips, had entered the crowd to antagonize the students.

One woman at the protest complained to her peers that she is angry that their narrative has been debunked.


“You see people that are mascot supporters and that believe the gaslighting b-llshit that’s going on in trying to turn this story around and make it seem like our elder Nathan Phillips was the antagonizer — they have plenty… they can have their own rally,” one woman ranted and raved outside the church.

“This is our time!” the lady yelled.

The riled-up woman demanded that their weak protest “doesn’t have to be the one and only time — we can continue to organize this because this is not an isolated incident.”

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The protester claimed that they would be sending a delegation to speak to the Diocese.

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