Covington Catholic Asks Parents to Sign Permission Slips to Be Interviewed By ‘Third-Party Investigators’

Covington Catholic High School, who immediately threw their students under the bus before all of the facts of the incident in DC were known, is now asking parents to sign permission slips to allow their children to be interviewed by “third-party investigators.”

A parent of one of the kids seen in the now-infamous video of Covington Catholic students being harassed by far-left activist Nathan Phillips and a hate-group that calls themselves the Black Israelites, has provided The Gateway Pundit with a copy of the permission slip that was sent home on Thursday.

The slip is from “a third-party investigation service” called Greater Cincinnati Investigation, Inc. who is requesting to speak with the students beginning as soon as Friday morning.

“Bishop Foys has ordered this investigation with the purpose of seeking the truth,” a note from the school reads. “Although we would like for each student to speak with the investigators, they will not speak to any investigator unless given permission from their guardian.”

The permission slip gives the parents the option to either be present or have a school counselor or staff member present when the interview is conducted.

The school and the Diocese have still not apologized for throwing their students under the bus during the initial hysteria from the left-wing mob.

In an interview with The Gateway Pundit over the weekend, one mother accused the school and the Diocese of re-victimizing her son.

“To get blamed for this because they were wearing a hat instead of blaming the aggressors — it’s blaming the victims,” the mother said. “Like I said, the Bishop here is literally victimizing the victims twice. They’ve already been victimized by the media, now they are being victimized again,” she added. “There is blood in the water and they are making it worse. They’re feeding the piranha frenzy from the liberal media. I just want people to understand that they need to wake up and stop believing the fake news and defend the kids.”

Responding to the new permission slip, one mother asked, “what is left to investigate?!”


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