Covington Catholic Chaperone: Our Boys Were “Targeted” For MAGA Hats, Christianity, the Right for Life and “Color of Their Skin” (VIDEO)

Jill Hamlin, a mother and chaperone for Covington Catholic High School, went on FOX and Friends on Tuesday morning to tell the real story of what happened to the high school boys at the March for Life last week in Washington DC.

Hamlin says the boys were targeted because of their faith, their pro-life stand, their support for President Trump and for the color of their skin.

FOX and Friends: You say the boys were targeted. Is part of the reason because they wore MAGA hats?

Jill Hamlin: I think that was part of the reason why they were targeted. And they were targeted fro what they stood for. Which is Christianity, the Right for Life, and they were singled out. And I believe they were singled out for the color of their skin. And also I don’t know why Nate Phillips targeted Nick Sandmann.

Via FOX and Friends:
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