BREAKING: Antifa Group Claims Responsibility for Attempted Assassination of German AFD Politician

In a now deleted post on a popular far-left website, an Antifa group has claimed responsibility for the assassination attempt on AfD MP Frank Magnitz, saying that they wanted to “free him” from his “fascist” ideas.

In a post on Indymedia, a group called “Anti-Fascist Spring Bremen” asserted that they were responsible for Monday’s near-deadly attack in which a group of individuals knocked Magnitz down and began brutally kicking his head.

“The Anti-Fascist Spring Bremen announces that we wanted to free AfD politician F. Magnitz from his fascist ideas on Monday around 6 pm local time. Magnitz, who maintains good contacts to the far-right and fascist scene and often makes racist utterances, may not make a foothold in Bremen or elsewhere and must be silenced like any other Nazi. We do not tolerate Nazi scum in our area! The Anti-Fascist Spring is comung! Get ready!” the post, signed “Anti-Fascist Spring Bremen,” read.

It is unclear why the post was deleted — and due to the anonymous nature of the post and Antifa it is impossible to verify the authenticity. However, the Antifa group was posting calls for violence on their Facebook page less than a week before the attack.

The assault took place only three days after the AfD headquarters was bombed.

Three people were arrested for their alleged involvement in the attack, but their identities have not yet been made public.

The AfD has noted that violent attacks on their party have been increasing significantly:

2014: 4 criminal attacks

2015: 76 criminal attacks

2016: 464 criminal attacks

2017: 669 criminal attacks

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, AfD MP Petr Bystron explained that members of his party currently live in fear in Germany due to the escalating violence and the complicity of the media.

“While the German mainstream media and politicians have already overcome their initial shock and started to blame the victim, saying the AfD exaggerated the attack, their Antifa friends are stating very clearly their intent to shut down democratic opposition by violent means,” Bystron said.


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