Twitter Suspends Edie Dixon – An Outspoken Transgender Trump Supporter and Patriot Rally Speaker

The latest anti-globalist to get the ban hammer from Twitter is outspoken Portland area transgender pro Trump activist Edie Dixon, who went by the handle @Transervative.

In an interview with Gateway Pundit, Dixon explains that twitter gave her no warning. “They just sent me an email saying that I violated their terms. They gave no reason and they didn’t mention any specific post I made,” she says. “There’s an appeal process, and I have to give a reason why I didn’t violate their terms, but they aren’t even telling me what I did in the first place. I’ve never even been in Twitter jail.”

Dixon says “Maybe certain things could be construed as offensive” but can’t recall anything she said that violated their terms. She was also told that any attempt to resurrect herself with a different account would result in that account also being suspended.

Before the ban, Twitter even had a big warning across her page for any prospective visitors.

Dixon has taken part in roughly 50-60 protests and rallies, at first mostly involving gay marriage and trans rights, but eventually turned into a Trump supporter. She’s been to every Patriot Prayer rally/march/protest in Portland, most of which garner national attention with antifa shows up to start fights. Dixon was even featured in a previous Gateway Pundit article where she came to the aid of a pair of pro Trump grandmothers who had been ambushed by antifa in a parking garage.

She recently spoke at the #HimToo rally in Portland.

“For sure I get targeted as a Trump supporter that doesn’t fit the mold,” she tells us. “I have influence and reach, and people aren’t so quick to write me off as a patriarchal, cis gendered male. I get targeted more than Joey Gibson. I have leftists calling me a faggot and a tranny. Their demonization is their weapon.”

Dixon also regularly finds herself in facebook jail, with posts she made as far back as 2014 being reported.

It’s obvious that tech giants like Twitter and Facebook can’t stand the thought of diversity among Trump supporters. They don’t want others to see black, Hispanic, and LGBT Trump supporters. Because then the leftists start losing control of their designated “victim” groups.

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