NBC Universal is Making Democratic Party Propaganda Videos for Kindergarten Children

NBC News is now making liberal propaganda videos aimed at children “aged 2-11” for Universal Kids.

The new series premiered on September 24, after NBC Universal took over the children’s channel Sprout. According to a story on the takeover from the New York Times, Universal Kids is being marketed for children aged two through 11.

While the concept of a news show for children seems adorable and endearing, diving into the episodes reveals a deep Democratic Party bias.

For example, in their video titled “Diversity in the 2018 Midterms,” the show featured multiple Democratic candidates — but not a single Republican.


“Many candidates in the 2018 midterm elections come from diverse backgrounds, including Alexandria Ocasio-Crotez, Deb Hallend, and Ilhan Omar,” the episode description reads.

During the episode, host Savannah Sellers begins by stating that “the midterm elections are coming up, and this year’s candidates are making history even before any ballots are cast. There is more diversity among candidates than ever before. Diversity means difference. And people who represent all of the different people in the United States are running for office– and feeling like they can win. Like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.”

“Christine Hallquist is running for governor in Vermont. If she wins, she could be the first transgender governor in the United States. In New Mexico, Deb Haaland could be the first Native American woman elected to Congress,” Sellers continues.

Sellers next highlights Ilhan Omar, the first Muslim woman elected to Congress — who also happens to be pretty anti-Israel.

In an episode titled “What Are Sanctuary Cities,” Sellers says that the Trump administration disagrees with sanctuary cities — “but the leaders in these sanctuary cities disagree with federal immigration laws. They want keep the undocumented immigrants living in their cities protected.”

The tone of the video appears meant to convey a message of “sanctuary cities are good and just want to keep people safe,” without really providing any of the concerns that so many American citizens have.

In yet another video focused on an issue near and dear to liberal activists, Sellers tackles the topic of “DACA and Dreamers.”

“They were brought into the United States when they were very young by their parents who immigrated illegally to the US,” Sellers says in an extremely sympathetic tone. “Many of these young people don’t remember any other home — and they are called ‘Dreamers’ because of their dream to become US citizens.”

Other video topics include helping refugees, banning plastic straws, and lowering the voting age to 16.


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