AWFUL! Angry Leftists Are Now Doxing Contributors to the #GoFundTheWall Campaign

Leftists are now doxing people who have contributed to the #GoFundTheWall campaign using their real names.

The crowdfunding campaign to fund a wall at the southern border of the US has raised over nine million dollars in three days. Over 150,000 people have contributed to the cause.

Naturally, this infuriated the left — and activist reporters have been trying to get it kicked off of GoFundMe. Weirdo activists have also been crowdfunding ladders to help illegal aliens get over the wall — if it is funded (the funds will likely go to an organization that does legal work for illegals).

Additionally, leftists are now encouraging people to find the identities of those who donated and used their real names. There is an option for people to donate anonymously.

“People that have their Facebook accounts linked to gofundme AND donated to #gofundthewall. Check in occasionally and collect some profiles,” a Twitter account called “The Queer Crimer” tweeted along with screenshots of the Facebook accounts of people who donated.

The account has screenshotted the accounts of dozens of contributors. The Gateway Pundit has opted to edit them and only provide a couple of the tweets as examples. There are roughly three dozen tweets, most of them containing the identities of four contributors each.

With liberal activists recently targeting the home of Tucker Carlson, it is probably time for Democratic lawmakers to speak out against this intimidation tactic.


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