Gavin McInnes’ YouTube Account Was Targeted With Bogus Copyright Infringement Claim — Will Likely Be Reinstated

The YouTube channel belonging to Gavin McInnes is likely to be reinstated after it was revealed that he was targeted with bogus copyright infringement claims.

The comedian and political commentator’s channel was removed on Monday morning after someone filed a copyright claim on behalf of Vans — the company that makes skateboarding shoes and apparel. McInnes told the Gateway Pundit that he is unaware of any Vans logos even appearing in the video, but he can’t be sure as his channel is currently down.

In an email to McInnes, a representative from Vans informed him that they have sent a reinstatement request regarding the video, and said that “those links were submitted in error.”

“We apologize for an inconvenience this has caused you. Please let us know if your content is not back up within the next 24-48 hours,” the email continued.


McInnes has been the victim of a sustained and prolonged attack on his livelihood and reputation by left-wing activists masquerading as journalists. In one particularly egregious attack on his reputation, leftist publications claimed that the social group he founded, The Proud Boys, had been labeled an “extremist group” by the FBI. This was debunked by the FBI about a week later, but the damage to his reputation had been done.

The Proud Boys, according to many current and former members that I have discussed the issue with, is essentially just a social drinking club for men. Though the local groups obviously vary across the country, one thing is consistent across the clubs: they are diverse — probably more diverse than the Antifa radicals that they have faced off against.

Members span across many ethnicities, backgrounds, and classes — though they are all united in their simple belief that the “West is the best.”

“The only time they’ve been violent is when they’re attacked. They NEVER go to Antifa events. It’s always radical leftists coming to their events to hassle them,” McInnes said of the group. “There is ZERO association with white nationalism and the club has spent a fortune taking legal action against anyone who says it is.”

Still, with the leftist mob in full force, McInnes decided it would be best to step aside from any involvement with the group. A video explaining the truth about the group had roughly 500,000 views when it was unpublished on YouTube.

“YouTube was the last place I had to defend myself,” McInnes told the Gateway Pundit. “It’s all part of a concerted effort to completely deplatform me.”

This week, it was announced that McInnes was fired by CRTV immediately following their merger with The Blaze Media.

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