YUCK! Democrat Women Get Naked to Protest GOP With ‘Grab Them by the Ballot’ Campaign

Democrat women are so desperate to convince other women to get out to the polls next week to vote that they stripped down to protest the GOP with a “Grab Them by the Ballot” campaign.

Several women in Burlington, Vermont stripped down over the weekend to participate in a nude photoshoot in an effort to galvanize the Democrat base.

The organizer, Dawn Robertson said she wanted to inspire women to vote after the Kavanaugh hearing.

Via SevenDaysVT.com:


“How can we inspire women to vote after the Kavanaugh confirmation, the #MeToo movement and Trump?” said Robertson, a Harvard Law-educated attorney who writes about sexuality and relationships. “It’s a culmination of all those factors.”

Robertson was inspired by Massachusetts photographer Anja Schütz, who shot similar nude photos of women in the lead-up to the 2016 election, around the time the infamous “grab ’em by the pussy” Donald Trump tape was released. Both photo projects play off Trump’s crass comments. Robertson’s, which she dubbed “Grab Them by the Ballot,” features women of color, a pregnant woman, a transgender woman and a woman with disabilities.

This should work…

The mission statement reads:

With the #Metoo and #Wetoo movements and recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh there is much at stake in the upcoming elections. This #grabthembytheballot initiative was inspired by the #garbhimbytheballot campaign of 2016 by Anja Schütz and has evolved to confront the current political landscape. Launched by Dawn Robertson, a Harvard Law graduate, we are here to show the country these recent events have served to strengthen our resolve to bring about change within the system through exercising our right to vote. We aim to encourage voter turnout in the upcoming November elections.

This group of courageous Vermont women came together in a vulnerable artistic expression to protect all women’s right to choose regarding their body, health, reproductive rights and sexual expression. We joined hands as an outcry against the collective sexual and emotional abuse and trauma endemic in our society. And to champion the rights of marginalized women including transgender people, women of color and physically “disabled” women. Each of these groups are represented in the photos!

Our bodies are ours..in all their beautifully unique and natural forms. We are reclaiming the over-sexualization of our bodies while celebrating our own sexuality. Please note, there were no touches up on these photos..we feel empowered to show up just as we are!

Soak in the diversity…a pregnant woman, a woman with armpit hair, and a transgender with the caption:

“Although most of us know what patriarchy is — a system of domination by which the wealthy, white, male ruling class has authority over everyone else — few of us understand how it plays out in female friendships.
Patriarchy still exists. And just like racism, it often manifests in casual ways that tend to go unnoticed by the majority of people.

Vote straight red all the way down the ticket! 

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