Progressive Candidate Tim Canova on Broward County Ballot Fiasco: I Warned For Months That Brenda Snipes is a ‘Serial Election Rigger’

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is suing Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes over her office withholding records on how many ballots have been counted and how many more votes remain uncounted in Broward County. He has also ordered the police to seize all of the untallied ballots in Broward and Palm Beach.

This story is no surprise to Tim Canova, the progressive who ran as an Independent to challenge Debbie Wasserman-Schultz after a primary that he believes was rigged in her favor.

Tim Canova

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit about the current scandal rocking the county, Canova asserted that he has been warning of Snipes’ election rigging for months.

In May, a judge ruled that Snipes violated state and federal laws by destroying ballots that Canova was seeking to look for voter irregularities in the primary.

“Brenda Snipes and the rest of her crew at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections do not deserve any presumption of impartiality, honesty, integrity, or competence. Snipes illegally destroyed the ballots cast in my 2016 primary against Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Yet, there’s been no criminal investigations by state or federal law enforcement agencies,” Canova told The Gateway Pundit. “

In Palm Beach County they have discovered 15,000 new ballots after election day on Tuesday. They were also illegally refusing to allow party representatives into the ballot counting area and forcing them to stand behind a glass wall.

Following the Democratic primary, Snipes destroyed paper ballots in the midst of the lawsuit filed by Canova. According to federal law, the congressional race ballots were not supposed to be destroyed for 22 months, and state law declares that ballots which are evidence in a court case should not be destroyed without a judge’s order.

“For months, I have been calling for criminal investigations. I have warned that Snipes is a serial election rigger who would rig the recent elections. I do not believe in the accuracy of any election returns reported out of Broward County. To restore integrity in our elections, we need to ban electronic voting machines and instead move to 100% paper ballots counted by hand in public. Without free and fair elections, we have no democracy,” Canova added.

Snipes, a Democrat, argued, unsuccessfully, that her office did not commit a felony because they kept digital scans. Canova, who is a a Nova Southeastern University law professor, contended that they still broke the law because electronic copies can be tampered with. His belief was backed up by multiple experts on election laws.

“I don’t see things as right vs. left, rather it’s integrity vs. corruption,” Canova previously told the Gateway Pundit.

Marco Rubio warned about the election fraud in the two Democrat counties on Thursday.


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