Palm Beach Elections Observer Witnesses Infractions – Then Was Threatened With Expulsion For Speaking Out

Author and conservative commentator, Dr. Gina Loudon said her husband, John Loudon, a former State Senator for Missouri, spent the entire night from midnight to 8 AM in Palm Beach County watching the Democrats steal the Florida election.

John Loudon witnessed thousands of ballots not counted then moved, unsecured out of view of observers to be filled out later by unknown people.

Even more shocking, John Loudon witnessed clerks coming in and out of a back door where there were trucks at an unsecured rear dock. When Mr. Loudon called out the infraction to the SOE, she threatened to throw him and other Republicans out of the facility.

Mr. Loudon recorded everything and signed affidavits.

Dr. Gina: Reposting former tweet to be VERY specific since @johnloudon was (finally) sleeping after being up all night watching the #FloridaRecount when I posted. The details are important so I want to use his words, exactly…

Dr. Gina: My husband @johnloudon spent the entire night (midnight-8 am) watching Dems steal our #FloridaRecount. He saw 1000s of ballots not counted then moved, unsecured out of view of observers to be filled in later by unknown people as they see fit…

Dr. Gina: He saw clerks coming in & out of a back door where there were trucks at totally unsecured rear dock. When he tried to call infractions to the attention of SOE, she told him she would throw him & ALL repub’s out. He recorded all & signed affidavits.

Mr. Loudon told this reporter that he has spent 14+years training kids and adults on how elections are so fragile and easily manipulated.

“I have authored several election laws. I have never seen anything like this. There is staggering absence of security,” Mr. Loudon told The Gateway Pundit.

“I have observed elections and recounts in three states, California being the 3rd, and was an area fraud watch coordinator for the Elections Integrity Project in San Diego,” Mr. Loudon added.

Although Mr. Loudon says he didn’t witness elections clerks bringing ballots in the back or front door, he says, “it was clear that they had thousands of blank ballots intended as duplicates that they were processing in the back of the facility, hidden from line of sight of observers.”

Observers were kept behind a wooden paddock so they were unable to witness the majority of the election officials to make sure they were acting in accordance with the law.

“There was an artificial paddock in which observers were corralled that afforded us a view of maybe 15% of what was going on,” Loudon said.

Mr. Loudon told The Gateway Pundit he personally witnessed ballots being mauled by outdated machines so the election officials were transporting the ballots out of site of observers:

“The crappy old machines can only recount 1 election at a time. So first we recount US Senate, then Gov race, then AG Commissioner.”

“The only “good” thing is that recounts must happen before this Thursday so the Dem State Rep. candidate seeking a recount according to his 31 vote loss is apparently sol due to his fellow Dems using outdated machines.”

“The crappy old machines are jamming up and mauling ballots, so the “solution” is to cart them deeper into the big warehouse out of view of GOP observers for “cleaning up”. There is no way to know what they are doing with these ballots, the undervotes for instance,” Mr. Loudon said.

“If you voted for DeSantis for Governor, but missed voting for Scott for Senate…I personally saw a ballot entirely GOP but with Nelson for Senate.”

“Florida ballots are filled out by filling out a line between two arrows to signify your choice using a black pen. Republican observers I spoke to were stunned to see that the people recounting the ballots and separating out ballots that were “undervoted” (meaning no candidate was chosen and “overvoted” (meaning more than one candidate was indicated) were all armed with black pens that could easily be used to fill in undervote ballots or spoil overvote ballots which could easily be thrown back into the counting machine.”

“The pens were necessary for completing forms to go with the boxes of ballots but now the ballot counters have red pens.”

“I also personally witnessed an uncounted ballot rejected by the machine, slid under a stack of counted ballots so it will not be counted. This happened at the single machine closet to the observers but there are seven other machines.”

Palm Beach County isn’t the only Florida polling site working with Democrats to steal the elections.

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes magically produced thousands of ballots after the polls closed prompting the Florida Secretary of State to officially call for recounts.

Where is the GOP? Where is the law and order??

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