Jack Posobiec: The GOP Needs To Invest in Ground Game — Election Night Coverage (VIDEO)

In an interview Tuesday night with the Gateway Pundit, conservative pundit Jack Posobiec argued that the GOP would effectively win the midterm elections if the they restructured their ground game.

Despite being impassioned by President Trump, Posobiec argued, a large  portion of Trump supporters aren’t engaged.

“The middle of the ground voter that person that came out for Trump in 2016, there not someone that checked into politics all the time,” he said. “They are someone that Donald Trump was able to reach out to because he speaks to a different constituency in America than any other politician does.


“That first time voter in 2016, the are probably checked out of politics right now, that knows Trump was elected, that votes in presidential elections but doesn’t really pay attention to midterms. Trump himself just actually just said yesterday that who ever heard of a midterm election. Its something in mainstream sense, wasn’t that big until he got into the political arena.”

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