UPDATE: Someone Claiming to Be Roseanne Barr’s ‘Assistant’ Called Reporter Saying She Had a Heart Attack, She Says She’s Fine

While doing a live Periscope video on Saturday evening, Sputnik News radio host Lee Stranahan received a phone call saying that Roseanne Barr had a heart attack — from her phone number.

Stranahan answered the phone thinking it was Barr, but it was a man who claimed to be her assistant ‘Frank.’ The person informed him about the medical emergency, saying that Barr had told him to go through her voicemails and contact people about her condition.

He informed Stranahan that she was currently in an ambulance.

The call came during the last 30 seconds of this Periscope:


The Gateway Pundit spoke to Stranahan, but he was unsure what her condition is at this time.

We will attempt to confirm her condition and update this story when we have more information. Her phone is currently going straight to voicemail.

UPDATE #1: Barr’s private Twitter handle was tweeting videos of Stranahan after the phone call. 

UPDATE #2: Barr’s main Twitter account tweeted that she is fine roughly two hours after the initial call to Stranahan. No further explanation has been provided.

UPDATE #3: Stranahan hopped back on Periscope to discuss the issue. He is currently live here:

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