VIDEO: Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill Says Voters Don’t Like That She’s a Career Politician, Calls it ‘the Weirdest Thing’

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is completely baffled by the fact that voters don’t like that she’s a career politician, and called it “the weirdest thing” during a campaign stop in Cape Girardeau, MO.

McCaskill’s seat is at risk, as she is currently polling two points behind Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley — in a state that voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump.

McCaskill and Hawley

“This is the weirdest thing — every line of work in the world, if you’ve got experience and you have learned alot through your experience, and you’ve been promoted by your bosses, that’s considered a really good thing — except in government,” McCaskill complained.

“Now, if you have experience it’s a negative thing!”


McCaskill went on to compare being in a cushy elected office position for decades, with plenty of time to be bought off, to being a surgeon.

“I like to make the joke, can you imagine if they were rolling you into the surgery, and the nurse leaned down and said ‘I’ve got really good news for you, this surgeon has never done this before,”” McCaskill said to a few chuckles.

Conservative super PAC Missouri Rising Action launched a digital ad last month that took aim at her seemingly never ending time in office.

“1982, the Cardinals won the World Series, Reagan was in the White House, and Claire McCaskill first sought political office,” a narrator says. “Thirty-six years later, McCaskill is still running. And now, McCaskill is one of the richest senators, and she is still voting with Washington liberals and the Hollywood elite.”

“Decades of liberal votes, years of self-enrichment. Washington needs term limits, and Claire McCaskill is the poster child. In 2018, its time to term limit career politician Claire McCaskill,” the ad concludes.

According to a January poll, 82% of likely voters would like to see term limits.

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