Twitter Suspends Black Conservative Movement Leader for Repeating What the Left Says About Them!

Twitter continued their absurd censorship of conservative voices on Sunday, suspending Khaliq Rodriquez — the national director of advancement for the Black Conservative movement.

Rodriquez, 16, was suspended for tweeting out the derogatory things that black conservatives are frequently called by Democrats.

In the offending tweet, Rodriquez wrote, “the left has called black conservatives Sunken Place Satans, C**ns, Uncle Toms, House Ni**ers, and Dumb Negroes. None of us care! We are AMERICAN! WE FREE!” He also included the #Blexit hashtag, which is the new movement launched by Candace Owens to urge black voters to leave the Democratic Party.

Rodriquez told The Gateway Pundit that his suspension is for 12 hours.

“They don’t want people to see the truth because the left is scared,” Rodriquez said. “First it will hurt, then it will set you free.”

The extremely politically engaged teenager explained that he supports the president “because he’s passed policies that have helped all Americans,” citing the lowest unemployment across the board, 4.2% GDP growth and 400% increase in black small business ownership.

Twitter claimed that his tweet violated the rules against hateful conduct — which is enforced completely arbitrarily, as is proven by the fact that Louis Farrakhan’s obscenely anti-Semitic account remains active.

Over the weekend, hundreds of young, black, and conservative voters attended the Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, DC — including Rodriquez.

“The Blexit movement will spend 2019 holding rallies in every major city in America that the Democrats have destroyed,” Owens told the New York Post.


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