TED MALLOCH: Meet the Ohrs

Guest post by: Ted Malloch, author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

Meet the Ohrs — a very special couple in the coup to overthrow a duly elected President of our United States of America.

The Ohrs are NOT the Fockers of comedic movie fame.


Far from it. They are part of an American tragedy.

Recall at a press conference during his campaign for the presidency, Trump once joked to the crowd that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and he wouldn’t lose any voters.

Though in jest, there’s truth behind Trump’s joke, and the Democrats knew this.

So, Fusion GPS, working on behalf of the Clinton campaign, knows that to dig up dirt on a man nicknamed “Teflon Don”—to whom no scandal or dirt seems to stick— they’ll need more than just one man on the job.

They task FBI agent Bruce Ohr with the impossible . . .

In June 2016 Bruce Ohr is an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the US Department of Justice. His office is just four doors down from that of his boss, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General and the number two-justice officer in America.

Ohr’s career is going along swimmingly: for the past decade or so he has been climbing up the political ladder and accruing power. Digging up dirt on Trump will surely bring him one rung higher to the top of the ladder. And Fusion GPS, hedging their bets, contracts another agent for the job.

In a clear case of nepotism and the Deep State at work, Fusion GPS hires Bruce’s wife, Nellie, to conduct oppo research on Trump and any connections to Russia and similar matters.

Nellie is a well-known expert in Russian affairs with an extensive network in that country. She holds a degree in history and Russian literature from Radcliffe/Harvard and an MA and PhD in Russian Affairs from Stanford University.

Throughout her career, Nellie has published extensively on the subject in peer-reviewed journals and worked for the CIA as an open source analyst.

In short, she knows all things Russia-related.

Nellie not only speaks the language but also knows the turf inside out and is an experienced Russia hand.

Perhaps more curiously, her PhD thesis, titled “Collective farms and Russian peasant society, 1933- 1937: the stabilization of the kolkhoz order,” blurs the “revisionist” line as she attempts to defend the millions killed by Stalin as “excesses,” which, according to Ohr, “sometimes represented desperate measures taken by a government that had little real control over the country.”

Is Nellie a Stalin sympathizer?

Seems like Steele, a confirmed socialist since his days in Cambridge, has found the perfect woman to carry out his socialist agenda nearly thirty years in the making. He knows Nellie’s the perfect woman for a crooked mission like this. And she hates Trump as much as he does.

And interestingly, only a few months prior, Nellie obtained her ham radio license, which begs the question, why? Could it be to have secure and confidential contact with Christopher Steele?
Could Nellie be more than just an agent conducting research?

Could she be a co-author of the Steele files?

And more peculiarly, when prompted by the FBI down the line, why does Bruce hide the fact that his wife is involved? Paid?

Is this a conflict of interest? What else is Bruce hiding?

Are the Ohrs the inside track to the Plot to Destroy Trump?

Ohr from inside DOJ and meeting with Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson passing on to his cronies and the FBI computer thumb drives from his own wife—Nellie Ohr?

Over the next few months, Bruce Ohr meets not only with Christopher Steele himself but also with Glenn Simpson numerous times, the founder of Fusion GPS, who hired Steele.

Simpson is the operative behind this whole saga.

Why exactly does Ohr meet with Steele? And how often?

Mr. Ohr has told Congress in a secret oversight committee hearing about his doings.

Simpson said one thing and now is caught in his lie and pleads the Fifth.

And Mrs. (Bruce) Nellie Ohr yesterday invokes the marital privilege clause to avoid talking about her husband.

The walls are finally crashing down!

Time for a second Special Prosecutor or just arrest ALL of them.

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