Ted Malloch: JOBS or MOBS?

Guest post by: Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

On November 6th which will it be?

Does America want more Jobs or rule by Mobs?

The choice is yours to make.

Will we keep Republicans in charge?
Usher in a dangerous replacement by Democrats who want to end the high road and according to Obama Attorney General Eric Holder; “kick them when they’re down.”

And he was US Attorney General, the chief law officer, under Obama.

The choice could not be clearer.

The Democrat elite wants globalism, open borders, an end to the Second Amendment, more taxes, Obamacare, and an IMPEACHMENT of President Trump.

We have witnessed their mobocracy over the past few weeks.

Spew hate, lambaste the rule of law, scream and spit in the face of legitimately elected political leaders, deface public statues, fight on the streets inciting civil unrest, push people out of restaurants and public spaces, and do maximum damage to any persons and their private property with whom you disagree. They shot and tried to kill a Republican Congressman — playing baseball.

On CNN apparently they don’t like the “M” word.

That is for Mob.

The Democrat policy has transmuted into a desperate form of mobocracy.

Hillary Clinton herself has called for incivility!

‘Mobocracy’ is defined in the dictionary as: “a political system in which a mob is the source of control; government by the masses.”

First used in 1754, this phrase arose in New York City over the coinage revolt.

The term has stuck.

When we see a mob, violence is soon to follow. Reason is dispensed with and anger and hate prevail.

Politics by mob leads to things like the reign of terror in revolutions, assassinations, barricades, lynchings, witch-hunts and the end of civil society.

Democrats are now on the side of disorder, physical violence and warfare against their opponents.

Mind you, and ironically, this is hardly democratic.

If the Dems take control of the Congress in a few short weeks we can expect more and more of the same and an escalation of the means of mass unrest.

This is not peaceful, registered and measured protest, which is a protected right.

In the coming months, we will see the commencement of a movement to impeach Trump and who knows whom else?

Every possible topic and question will demand a new Congressional inquiry overseen by radical Democrats in the House.

And the streets will be full of Antifa Leftists demanding social justice and retribution day and night, all the time.

America will become ungovernable and we will quite literally find ourselves on the verge of another bitter and protracted Civil War.

But there is an alternative.

If Republicans keep control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate we can continue with this better scenario.

Making America Great is the name it goes by and includes:

The lowest unemployment in decades and ever — for blacks, Hispanics and women.

Job creation – over 3 million since Trump’s election.

Economic growth at 4.1% the highest in decades.

Stock market highs—80 all time records since Trump’s election.

Growth in real wages for all workers white collar and blue collar.

Peace in North Korea and America ‘back’ as preeminent world power.

Trading agreements with many countries from Mexico to Canada and South Korea based on reciprocity and in the US favour.

Rebuilding of American armed forces and military readiness, worldwide.

The end to costly over regulation.

The biggest tax cut in US history for individuals, corporations and especially small and medium sized companies.

Conservative, strict constructionist judges appointed, including two Supreme Court Justices.

In other words, we can have years and years of peace and prosperity
We can go back into the spiteful world controlled by Democrats and enact America-hating and watch all that progress go right down the drain.


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