Rapper An0maly’s New Release ‘I Like Trump’: ‘Media Control The Mind…Censor Everything That Goes Against Him’

Exclusive interview with rapper An0maly by Alicia Powe


A new pro-Trump rap song is burning up the internet.

Hip hop artist and news analyst An0maly, laid out his support for President Trump last year on social media and his political commentary has continued to earned him millions of hits since.

Now the former Bernie Sanders supporter is aiming to reach Americans from both sides of the aisle with his new song ‘I Like Trump.’

(If you guys haven’t heard, Democrats tax everything!)


…All these rappers complain about taxes
But don’t realize who tax ‘em
Under control of the mind, got the culture hijacked
& the people moving backwards
Kanye be trying to tell you the truth…
But the critics still slashed him..


Most rappers are indoctrinated into believing the liberal agenda, but when the media, academia, Hollywood and the music industry tells you to think one way, think for yourself, An0maly argued in an interview with The Gateway Pundit.

“I point out the hypocrisy of the rap game,” he explained. “They are just socially engineered to think that way. You complain about taxes and then you go vote for the people that steal your money. ‘Why did they take a million dollars from me?’ Well, because you keep voting in Democrats and not Trumps or Rand Pauls.”

“Rappers always complain about taxes: ‘Why is the government taking my money. Why is Bush taking my money? Why is Obama? Why is Trump taking my money?’ But then they don’t even realize that Republicans take less of your taxes and Democrats take more,” he continued. “Democrats take more and then Bernie would take even more.”

Observing the media attempt to manipulate the 2016 presidential election, prompted An0maly to speak out on social media.

“I just got tired of the media basically lying about everything,” he said. “I saw how deceptive they were and how much control they had and how much they were fighting against independent voices and quite frankly the truth — so I started putting out my own. I had a couple of hundred million views or so in the last year or two.”

In a viral video that has amassed nearly 18 million views on Facebook, An0maly explained how he came to be on the Trump Train.

Troves of other Americans are disassociating themselves from the “racist” Democrat Party and will continue to, An0maly predicted.

“There’s millions of people who have walked away. I don’t know that they’re ever going to go back. We’ll find out in November how real it is,” he said. “From Abe Lincoln to the KKK the Democrats were racist. The KKK was created to stop Republicans and blacks from rising. They say the parties switched magically, I just don’t see it.

“If you really look at how they act now, it’s really, really racist – they don’t actually care about content of character. They don’t care about ideology. They thrive off of race. All they see is race. Their ideology is a white supremacist ideology, mixed with totalitarian, fascist ideology. If they don’t get their way, they will make up rape allegations. They’ll scream racism – they have the projection mentality, project onto everyone else.”

Voters are fed up with Democrats, he continued, but conservative leadership needs to do a better job of reaching out to millennials culturally to get through to them on a political level, he argued.

“To get through to somebody its not that hard,” he said. “To be honest, I think Republicans and conservatives have a horrible approach when it comes to the rap community – not all – but a large enough amount for me to say that. The black community and the rap community are intertwined – it’s the same kind of mindset both of them to be honest.”

The left, on the other hand, has coordinated “a mass effort to reach out” to millennials and the black community, particularly with rap music, he continued.

“People will say ‘An0maly why did you curse in that rap song? Why did you do that?’” he said. “But then your kids are going to listen to this music telling them to pop pills and vote Democrat – that’s why. You’ve go to reach out on the angles that they are doing it. The left has done a really good job brainwashing the youth and taking over the media, and taking over academia. Institutionally, educationally, media wise, music, wise film wise – when you turn on the television, anything but Fox News, any awards show – it’s all extreme leftism.”

In August, Facebook suspended An0maly for 24 hours while he was at the studio recording “I Like Trump.”

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