Midterm 2018 Nevada: Dean Heller vs. Jacky Rosen

Dean Heller is a much-liked first term Republican Senator from Nevada.

He is the dean of the entire NV delegation in Congress.

President Trump has singled him out for all his efforts and has backed him resoundingly.

He votes right on health care, immigration, human trafficking, Israel, guns, school safety, and abortion.

He is also chairman of the Western Caucus, which means he knows and supports all the issues near and dear to Western states.

His opponent is a wacky Democrat, Jacky Rosen with ties to the gambling industry. She is a left of center Democrat in the US House with few accomplishments.

Nevada is a ‘swing state’.

Hilary Clinton won it in 2016.

It may lean rightward but in recent presidential elections it backed Obama and Clinton narrowly.

Senator Heller voted to confirm judge Kavanaugh.

RealClearPolitics polls show Heller gaining ground and Rosen stumbling. She has made numerous snafus.

Called a “tempestuous” race lots of Democrats think and believe they can unseat a decent hard-working, loyal Republican in November.

They have their sites on Heller.

Rosen is their choice.

She is a liberal. With money from California she is personally tied to and very loyal to Nancy Pelosi.

She wants socialized medicine, open borders, higher taxes and less liberty.

Don’t let Democrats steal Nevada.

Make this viral in the Silver State!


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