Midterm 2018 FLORIDA: Rick Scott vs. Bill Nelson

Do you like Florida — the Sunshine State?

Do you want to make Florida First?

If you do, then the choice in the 2018 election is absolutely clear.


A vote for Gov. Rick Scott to the US Senate is a vote FOR Florida.

It is a vote for President Trump.

A vote for incumbent, old line Democrat Bill Nelson is a vote for Chuck Schumer and against Trump.

Bill Nelson has not delivered for Florida. He votes overwhelmingly against Trump. He has a socialist voting record.

And he voted AGAINST JUDGE KAVANAUGH to be on the Supreme Court.

He is in the hands of the SWAMP.

He has been in Washington, DC far too long and is owned by the lobbyists.

This expensive race is a virtual tie and the entire nation is watching it.

It is a test of whether the Republicans can gain a stronger hold on the US Senate and Make America Great Again

We need to Keep America Great now that we are headed in the right direction.

The contest is hotly contested and Bill Nelson is in real trouble.

Three term US Senators are not usually in this situation. No, they aren’t!

Nelson is — because he is an underperformer, a weak Senator, and a pawn of his increasingly Leftist party. We should send the former astronaut back to space.

Gov. Scott is a doer, a businessman, pro-market, against overregulation and he has brought back Florida from the depths of the last recession.

They need Scott in the US Senate.

Trump needs him.

He deserves, has earned, a chance to take this message to the US Capitol and to insure the Republican agenda of higher economic growth, lower taxes and a strong military.

Make this go viral in Florida and support Rick Scott.

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